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Ohio Earth Food was founded in 1972 after observing the benefits of farming with natural fertilizers and being concerned with the effects of conventional / chemical farming on the environment and human health. Over the years, we have added to our line of all natural, proprietary fertilizers to include potting soil, soil amendments, pest controls, animal feed supplements and other organic products of the finest quality and proven performance for gardens, lawns and farms.

Search nesps   2008 annual meeting abstracts back to 2008 annual meeting back to program outline benign peripheral nerve tumors: treatment algorithm and new reconstructive options ivica ducic, md, phd, ali al-attar, md, phd. Georgetown university hospital, washington, dc, usa. Background: peripheral nerve tumors are mostly benign tumors, however their excision can lead to profound functional deficit. Surgical management requires refinements based on current available technologies. This prospective study evaluated a treatment strategy that is reliable, safe, and offers maximal possible functional recovery. Methods: twenty patients with benign peripheral nerve tumors were treated using a uniform surgical paradigm between 2003 and 2007. Surgical tumor excision and reconstruction was performed in a single stage. No biopsies were performed. Nerve fascicles were dissected off of the tumor under magnification; the sacrificed nerve fascicle that gave origin to the tumor (was inseparable from tumor) was reconstructed using nerve conduits and or grafts. Patients were followed clinically from six to twenty-four months, and functional outcome was assessed. Results: all twenty consecutive patients had neuropathic pain in the distribution of the affected nerve before tumor excision; only one patient had pain that persisted postoperatively. Seventeen of the twenty patients had complete functional recovery following nerve reconstruction. No perioperative complications occurred. Conclusions: benign peripheral nerve tumors require specialized surgical care to ensure optimal functional results. Single-stage tumor excision under magnification, with immediate reconstruction, permits functional recovery and minimizes scarring. Biopsy is indicated only if quick tumor growth is observed, or if imaging suggests malignancy, otherwise it can further contribute to the damage of normal but displaced fascicles. Although some older protocols, where the tumor is resected but the nerve not repaired, are reported by surgeons and patients to be associated with an apparent absence of deficit or pain; these findings likely reflect more proximal resections involving damage to mixed fascicles. buy viagra buy cheap viagra cheap viagra buy viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription viagra for sale viagra without a doctor prescription buy viagra cheap viagra online Given the availability of nerve conduits and allografts, nerve reconstruction should now be attempted to restore anatomic integrity to any sacrificed fascicles. Functional recovery and complete pain relief should be expected in the majority of cases, with minimal morbidity. The algorithm and the technique for this modified/new approach will be presented and should assist plastic surgeons dealing with these patients to minimize complications and thus provide better patient’s care. Back to 2008 annual meeting back to program outline     members only area   username: password: forgot your password?  . A leader of sustainable agriculture, our goal is to aid farmers and gardeners produce good, healthy food and plants, as well as improve the quality of the soil and the environment. As we have expanded into other related areas such as organic lawn and turf care, we continue to strive to help make our land safe for future generations.

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