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Organic gardening isn't just a good idea, it's good for you. Organic gardening provides us the opportunity to protect ourselves and our environment from the harmful effects of toxic pesticides and fertilizers used in traditional gardening. Developing a connection with our food, knowing where it comes from and how it was grown, is both powerful and satisfying.

Plants take in many of the chemicals they are exposed to, so even washing produce will not remove trace toxins. Many of these toxins have been linked to adverse affects on those who consume them. Ohio Earth Food's natural fertilizers will foster produce that is better tasting, healthier and better for the environment.

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Trace elements found in Ohio Earth Food's organic foliar sprays are just as important for plant and root growth as the primary nutrients N-P-K (Nitrogen-Phosphorous-Potassium). But, because these trace elements are required in much smaller amounts, they are often neglected by farmers and gardeners alike. Seaweed extract, for example, provides trace elements in a naturally chelated form that are readily assimilated by plants. These chelated agents raise the brix level (amount of sugar in plants) that help release previously unavailable nutrients and other substances from the soil for plant use. Foliar feeding liquefied seaweed enables trace elements and bio-stimulates to reach the sap stream far more quickly than if applied to the soil – one hour as opposed to several days. Plus, wastage through leaching through the soil is also reduced to a minimum.

Home gardner with Japanese Daikons

This photo was sent to us by a longtime Ohio Earth Food customer from Billingsley, Alabama. The secret to his incredible Japanese Daikon crop: Re-Vita Hi-K 2-3-16 fertilizer, and other organic amendments from Ohio Earth Food, including soft rock phosphate, Argo-Lig Humate and Sea-Min Kelp Meal.

"Feed Your Soil, Enrich Your World" is more then just a slogan for Ohio Earth Food.

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